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Andrew Scott by artemisjoyce Andrew Scott :iconartemisjoyce:artemisjoyce 76 22 Had I Known But Yesterday by paisley Had I Known But Yesterday :iconpaisley:paisley 289 16
Sebastian Moran's phone rang.
That, in itself, wouldn't have been particularly extraordinary, except for two things:
First, he was supposed to be on a job- i.e. a part of the environment, a predator on the trail of his pray, and not attracting attention to himself.
Second, Jim must have changed the ringtone again, because Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" was blaring from the tinny speakers.
Sebastian groaned and pulled the phone out of a pocket. Flipped it open- surprise, surprise. It was Jim. He hit the button to answer the call.
"You do realize I'm working," he hissed, before his boss could get a word in. "Which means that Lady Gaga blasting full-volume from my pocket could screw everything up." It was spoken with a touch more irritation than it was his place to express. Sebastian sighed. "But now that you've interrupted, what the hell do you want?"
:iconsebastian-moran-rp:Sebastian-Moran-RP 2 33
Moriarty and Moran by SecondGoddess Moriarty and Moran :iconsecondgoddess:SecondGoddess 202 23
Set Free
Irene found she had lose track of how long she'd been left in that grotty, little cell.
For, god-knows-how-long, everything had been still. No food, no water, no clicking heels, no creepy, cracking, intercom voice of Jim Moriarty. Her throat was dry and she could barely speak and her eyes were blood shot. She'd barely moved from the corner of the room.
Then, one morning/afternoon/evening (whatever, the hell, it was) the door was open.
It was open.
...It was... open?
Irene's brow furrowed in confusion. She blinked.
Three times...
The door was still open.
She shook her head and rubbed her eyes. Was she hallucinating again? Was her subconscious mind now projecting her utmost desires onto her surroundings? Was she dreaming? Or maybe... was she dead?
Irene looked around the cell. If Jim had left it open then he was, most definitely, watching her for his own, sick entertainment.
"W..." Irene croaked, unable to make any further sound. She coughed.
What do I do?
Slowly, she
:iconirene-addler-rp:Irene-Addler-RP 2 137
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Stayin' Alive
Moriarty sighed. After complaining to his sister that he was bored, she told him to go on the computer and entertain himself. After a little while he finally did so only to discover that Robin Gibbs of the Bee Gees passed away. Now, Moriarty wasn't usually a man of sentiment when it came to things other than his sister, but this news... Well, he wasn't sad- after all, dying is what people do- but it reminded him of his childhood. Technically, the heyday of the group was before his time, but his family- his biological family- had owned several of their records. His first years weren't that great, but there was something about the group's music that reminded him... of what? All the times he wondered what home should have been like?
It didn't really matter, in the end. He and Koren had been taken away from that god-awful place only to be forced into other hells. They could never rely on others to provide them with what they needed. They had been forced to do so themse
:iconjim-moriarty-rp:Jim-Moriarty-RP 2 15
John and Jim RP session 1
John was returning from a night out with Mike. It was late and, admittedly, he'd probably had a few too many. But cab fair was expensive and John (who wasn't operating with all his faculties) decided it really wasn't that far back to the flat...
Suddenly a black car swerved up to the kerb. The door flew open, and a pair of arms grabbed John and threw him roughly into the backseat. John groaned, but his addled mind simply decided that (despite Mycroft's rougher than usual treatment) he really was glad for the assistance.
A chilling laugh sounded. "Funny how we keep meeting like this. I'm starting to get the feeling you enjoy this, Johnnyboy."
John's blood ran cold in his veins. That was a voice he would recognize anywhere... His whole body tensed and he cracked his closed eyes to determine distance, exits, and number of foes. But the movement just made his head spin and his stomach tun over in his gut.
"Oh poor thing... too much to drink, I see. You Brits don't have the alcohol toleranc
:iconjim-moriarty-rp:Jim-Moriarty-RP 7 29


Journal History

Jim was bored- the kind of bored that could be settled quickly. It needed the kind of stimulation that only came with the long, slow, almost tortuous process of twisting someone utterly.

Someone like Molly Hooper, for example.

Smirking, he sent a text.

Lonely. Care to join me for dinner?
  • Listening to: Classical music
  • Playing: mind games
  • Eating: Nothing... yet.
  • Drinking: wine.


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James (Jim) Moriarty
United Kingdom
Want to make someone disappear? Have a financial problem? Need a creative solution to a problem? I am the answer to your problems- James "Jim" Moriarty, consulting criminal at your service. Just make sure that the payment is adequate and the job is not boring or else I will skiiiiin you and make you into shoes.


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Hello sweetie. Care to learn more about Sherlock?
I've got everything you need to know...after all, I'm his baby sister.
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*a girl abou the age of 13 with black hair with red highlights and sort of punkish atire walks up nervously, looking around* Hey.... uhh... you wouldn't happen to know where a uhmm.... certain green haired phsyco clown is? Kinda uhhh y'know... lost him *akward smile*
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Happy Birthday
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You're welcome for the watch and thank you for the llama! I realize you and Holmes aren't ones for sentiment, but it was still sweet of you......may I has a hug from such a clever evil mastermind?
Jim-Moriarty-RP Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
((Haha, that wasn't from Jim. That was from his writer. He doesn't do sentiment unless he plans on killing you or you are his twin sister. So I don't suggest you ask for that hug because he will most likely break you neck. XD))
The-Scribbly-Fairy Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahh. But it might be worth it. I've come to love Watson, Sherlock, and Jim~ I can't help it :D
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Don't push it, Deary.
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*glares* I would not scold me if I were you. I can multi-task better than most people. I do not procrastinate- one does not get to my standing being a procrastinator.
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Koren-Moriarty-RP Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012

"J-Jimmy? I don't like the storm!" Thunder rumbles in the distance and Koren squeaks, hiding her face in her pillow as she stands at her brother's bed, lightly prodding at his shoulder.
Jim-Moriarty-RP Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Jim blinks and rolls over to face his sister. Smiling comfortingly, he lifts up the covers and scoots back so that she can crawl into the warmest part of the bed.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you."

((How old are said Weearitys?))
Koren-Moriarty-RP Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
((No idea. I'm thinking fourth home, the good one. So about 12-13. Probably just turned 12, so the home is pretty new to them too.))

Koren smiles at her brother and hastily crawls in, setting up her own pillow. Lightning flashes and thunder roars again and she squeaked again before burying her face into Jim's chest.
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